School of Psychology, Plymouth University

This webpage is an overview for our ReproducibiliTea sessions this term. The exact times are subject to room availability and the alignment of the planets, so keep an eye out for emails. ;)


ReproducibiliTea is a journal club initiative that aimed at early career researcher to create a local hub of Open Science. The initiative now expanded and includes several Universities spanning across three continents.

The details

Each ReproducibiliTea session will involve a paper related to Open Science that we will discuss. Each paper will be provided via a link.

Keep in mind that dates and papers are subject to change, so just keep an eye out for emails.

Term 1 Schedule

time and place theme paper
10am 06/11/2019 PSQ B5 Examining Analytic Flexibility Why is it a problem? Simmons, Nelson, and Simonsohn (2011)
10am 20/11/2019 PSQ B5 Questionable Research Practices John, Loewenstein, and Prelec (2012)
10am 04/12/2019 PSQ A102 Many studies don’t reproduce. Why? Open Science Collaboration (2015), Comment on Open Science Collaboration (2015) by Gilbert, King ,Pettigrew, and Wilson (2016) Response to Gilbert et al. (2016)
Week 25 Is there a problem with replications? False-negatives and degrees of freedom Bryan, Yeager, and O’Brien (2019)
Week 27 A Bayesian Perspective on the Reproducibility Project Etz and Vandekerckhove (2016)